At Nordic Cover we are constantly looking at ways of improving and reducing environmental impacts. Sustainability is embedded in the company policy, from the factory’s energy sources, product development, and product life cycle. Once we make a product we want to ensure it continues being used and upcycled and never ends up in landfill.

Production Process - RENEWABLE ENERGY

To reduce CO2 emissions, the Nordic Cover factory in Norway uses solar energy for production of aquaculture and industry products. The factory has a 69kWp solar power plant which was installed in late 2019. During a full day of sun, the whole factory is being powered by the renewably sourced solar energy.


On a focus to reduce waste, Nordic Cover uses several reusable materials. For example, the weighting systems, some polyester webbing and some PVC fabric. These products can be returned to the factory where they will be reused in future products.



All of the material we use for production is recyclable or reusable. We have a dialog with recycling companies who can recycle material we cannot reuse. One of our newly developed products, the ‘Lice Skirt with Splash Guard’ is made from homogenous PVC which can be recycled as a regular plastic.

We have possibility to recycle:
– PVC coated fabric
– Textile
– Webbing
– Rope

At Nordic Cover we encourage companies to collaborate with us to set up a reusing and recycling scheme, with the aim to reduce and remove any landfill waste from our products.