ES Aqua floating station developed and designed by Even Sørensen in a small place called Kviby in Finnmark, Northern Norway. More than 100 stations were tested in a local fish farms. Results are very good and a very positive feedbacks from customers. Floating station has a place for 16-20 pcs single strand kelps, single or double blade, length up to 10meter. There is a possibility to install automatic feeder on a top of the station.

Main advantages of the stations:

  • Deployment with boat crane together with pre-installed kelps
  • Easier to clean kelps straight on a boat
  • Easier to feed cleanerfish
  • Produced from recyclable material
  • Designed for optimal transportation cost
  • High of the station is the same as railings high makes possibility to easy re-fil auto-feeder
Width Lenght High Weigh Kelps Automatic feeder
1.2m 4.5m 1.3m 60kg 16-20 pcs YES

For price information please call +44 7837028292 or email