Winter wrasse care is crucial in maintaining wrasse health when wrasse start to migrate deeper in the cage. At Nordic Cover we offer Kelp Balls made from 10m to 28m strand which is folded and connected with stainless steel connectors through eyelets. These kelp balls offer an additional deeper habitat to rest and encourage wrasse away from uplifts and dead baskets. The kelp ball is weighted down with a 2kg weight pouch, with the option of additional weight pouches if sites have a strong tide.

Most popular models​

Kelp ball Area in m2 Approx. diameter in cm in a water Load in kg Attachement
Kelp ball 10m 18 100 2 Carabines / webbing
Kelp ball 16m 29 130 2 Ring / carabines / webbing
Kelp ball 20m 36 160 2 Ring / carabines / webbing
Kelp ball 28m 50 200 4 Ring / carabines / webbing
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