Single strand double blade/ Single strand single blade. The single strand can be of any length, with some sites using 10m clipped onto a mainline, and unclipped for drying. These strands can have a single or double (or more on request) blades, depending on the bulk and surface area required of the hide.

Most popular models

Kelps single strand Area in m2 Width in cm Depth in m Load in kg Attachement
Single blade 5m 9.5 90 5.3 2 PVC eyelet /webbing
Double blade 5m 19 90 5.3 2 PVC eyelet /webbing
Single blade 10m 18.5 90 10.3 4 PVC eyelet /webbing
Dpuble blade 10m 37 90 10.3 4 PVC eyelet /webbing
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