System without rope. Based on previous experience working on the farms, we noticed that the rope connecting the kelp strands was the first part to foul. We wanted to change this, and now offer a ‘ropeless’ kelp system. The rope is substituted for kelp strands connecting the top and bottom. Not only removing the rope, but also added extra surface area for cleanerfish to utilise. The number and length of strands can be tailor made to specific sites needs.

Most popular models

System ropeless double blade Area in m2 Number of strands Depth of strands in m Distance between strands in cm Load in kg / per strand
Kelp system 6 strands x 5m 125 8 5 50 2
Kelp system 12 strands x 5m 250 14 5 50 2
Kelp system 5 strands x 10m 185 9 10 75 4
Kelp system 3 strands x 5m 125 7 10 75 4
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