System with rope. Single strands can be connected with rope, locked on each side with high quality eyelets to prevent sliding. The connection of strands creates a structure which can be lifted out of the water and dried in a rotating system on in cage. Loops on each end of the top rope mean the mainline can be easily attached, and loops on the bottom of each strand mean pulling up to the surface is done with ease. A bottom pulley can also be added. The number and length of strands can be tailor made to specific sites needs.

Most popular models

System with rope double blade Area in m2 Number of strands Depth of strands in m Distance between strands in cm Load in kg / per strand
Kelp system 6 strands x 5m 114 6 5 50 2
Kelp system 12 strands x 5m 228 12 5 50 2
Kelp system 5 strands x 10m 185 5 10 75 4
Kelp system 3 strands x 5m 111 3 10 75 4
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