The Nordic Cover lice skirt is a combination of PVC fabric, webbing, and an innovative woven textile from the UK based James Dewhurst. Strong PVC adds extra protection to the top of the skirt which can be exposed to rubbing from the cage. Horizontal and vertical webbing in combination with the woven fabric offer high strength and reliability with excellent reviews from current users.

Most popular models

Lice skirt Depth in m Lenght in m Distance between vertical webbing in m Load in kg per m Distance between loops in cm
Lice skirt 90m x 10m 10 90 5 8 75
Lice skirt 120m x 5m 5 120 7.5 6 100
Lice skirt 130m x 6m 6 130 7.5 6 100
Lice skirt 140m x 8m 8 140 5 8 75
Lice skirt 150m x 10m 10 150 5 8 75
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