Natural Kelp Growing Frame.

An innovative and ‘DIY’ method for cleanerfish hide production. Webbing is sewn together to create a similar framework to an artificial kelp hide. The natural kelp system is initially kept in 2m water for maximum light during the growing stage. Held up with ropes at the top, bottom, and middle, creating a bagging in the water. Kelp natural seeds on the webbing, and once sufficient kelp has grown, the bottom and middle ropes are disconnected, and the weighted system is placed into the cages. Only removed if necessary for treatments, otherwise kept in the cages long term. Post cycle, webbing is easily cleaned, and growing stage starts again.

Material Width system Distance between strand Depth Load Attachment
Webbing 25mm 2.5m 50cm 5-10m 10-15kg Webbing loop
Webbing 50mm 2.75m 55cm 5-10m 15kg Webbing loop
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