During cleanerfish deliveries single use plastic liners are often used to make removing lumpfish a lot easier when emptying harvest bins into cages. At Nordic Cover we wanted to make a reusable liner to reduce the amount of plastic waste. A high-quality, strong material is used to make the perfect sized and easy to use liner, which can be cleaned post use. 4 straps are used to attach onto the harvest bin corners, still allowing room for strops. The liner falls out as the harvest bin is lifted (however still attached at the corners), gently removing all cleanerfish into the pen. To further reduce stress, mini kelps are option, which are attached through a small ring in the centre of the liner and can be easily removed from the top before placement into the pen. These liners can be used during mort removal, and harvesting, to maintain the quality of the harvest bin.

Most popular models

Harvest bin liners size Width in mm Lenght in mm High in mm Attachements Number of minikelps
660 liters 965 1165 600 Straps / pads 2
1000 liters 1100 1390 710 Straps / pads 4
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